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For Your Love One & For Yourself ( Vasilisa Bracelet ) 

Best gifts.. just for her smile. It is easy and affordable now with Vasilisa Jewellery- made of 100% Italian Sterling Silver and High Quality Leather.  Suitable for any occasion like anniversary gift, birthday gift, wedding gift, thank you gift, valentine's gift and just because... We can design for your too start from Rm99.  High quality jewellery now at affordable price.  

Special Gift Set ( I love you )

Available Bracelet Size: 15cm, 17cm, 19cm Suitable for any occasionAffordable Gift for your friends ..

RM 280.00 RM 546.00 Ex Tax: RM 280.00

Thanks in a unique way ( Bracelet Set )

Affordable Gift for your friends and love one.Come with adorable Gift Box, bag and pouch. 1 Year Pro..

RM 348.60 RM 498.00 Ex Tax: RM 348.60

My Queen My Angel My wife

You are that which completes me. The thrill that is of my abstract adventure. The beauty of my ex..

RM 447.00 RM 642.00 Ex Tax: RM 447.00

I'll love you forever

Till the oceans dries, till the sun dims, I'll still be loving you forever and for eternity. The ..

RM 603.60 RM 759.00 Ex Tax: RM 603.60

My wish, for you. I love you!

My wish, for you is for you to be loved, now till forever! ..

RM 555.00 RM 696.00 Ex Tax: RM 555.00

Special Gift Set ( Flower Blossom )

Available Bracelet Size: 15cm, 17cm, 19cmSuitable for any occasionAffordable Gift for your friends a..

RM 271.20 RM 339.00 Ex Tax: RM 271.20

Gift Shopping Eating Flower

Gift Shopping Eating Flower is perfect for the shopaholic. Exclusive by Vasilisa . ..

RM 729.60 RM 912.00 Ex Tax: RM 729.60

Holiday with me?

When you are on holiday or on a cruise, Holiday with me would be the perfect essocery. ..

RM 462.00 RM 663.00 Ex Tax: RM 462.00

Pure & simple love...

Simple....and Sweet. Full of little joys and appreciation ..

RM 672.00 RM 840.00 Ex Tax: RM 672.00

Secret love

Secret love that is kept hidden from the world to see, except for you. ..

RM 909.60 RM 1,137.00 Ex Tax: RM 909.60

YOU are amazing! just because you’re YOU

YOU are amazing!  You may forget sometimes, but someone always sees the amazing things about..

RM 1,299.00 RM 1,446.00 Ex Tax: RM 1,299.00

Lucky Italian Bracelet

Bring you Luck for the year of 2018.  By wearing this, it means to attract luck, relieving stre..

RM 260.00 RM 372.00 Ex Tax: RM 260.00

Violet Energy Bracelet (S4)

Magic, mystery and royalty. Re-balance your life, peace of mind, remove obstacles, increase imagi..

RM 780.00 RM 822.00 Ex Tax: RM 780.00

Blue Angel Bracelet

Blue Angel Bracelet. Exclusively design by VasilisaTM Jewellery. Blue Mur..

RM 780.00 RM 804.00 Ex Tax: RM 780.00

Lovely Purple White Leather

A gift for your loved ones to in the purple delight. Exclusive by Vasilisa . ..

RM 399.00 Ex Tax: RM 399.00

Lucky Italian Bracelet

Bring you Luck for the year of 2018.  By wearing this, it means to attract luck, relieving stre..

RM 260.00 RM 372.00 Ex Tax: RM 260.00

Pink Butterfly Leather Bracelet

Pink Butterfly Leather Bracelet.  Exclusive by VasilisaTM. Quality nickel free bracelet..

RM 573.00 Ex Tax: RM 573.00

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